First Step

Most ideas never happen because it’s the ‘StartUp’ part that is actually the hardest task to carry out. We all have many hopes and aspirations about our life — the things we want for our family, the changes we intend to make at home, our dreams for our kids, and our own personal illusions of success and grandeur.  We may have the most ideal of ideals, the perfect solution for an everyday problem, and even the greatest passion — but we need to transform these visions into reality.  In whatever business or industry, family set-up or learning environment, success is dependent on the right start, right execution, and right follow-through.  Most projects get dumped during the initial stages for a dozen or so reasons — procrastination (guilty!), creative conflicts, A-D-D symptoms (hello facebook, twitter and temple run), while others simply have confidence issues (guilty again!). whatever the reason is, the first step is still to start… StartUp! and  StartRight! Easier said than done… but hey, we have to start somewhere, right? baby steps! 🙂

ni hao, thanks for reading. drop me a line, xie xie! =)

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