The Business Idea

We often hear people say that our parents had it good… that they were able to come up with a lot of good business ideas back then because nothing cool was invented yet during their time. We feel that our generation has almost everything that’s why it’s hard for us to think of a good business. All the good ideas are taken already is our everyday mantra.  Well, tell that to Steve Jobs (God rest his soul).  I think he is the entrepreneurs’ hero today.  He was able to launch a very creative product invention that touched the lives of so many people.  If he could think out-of-the-box, so can we.

Creativity was never really my strong suit.  I was always the organizer and executor for all my projects and activities. Give me an idea and I can work out the kinks and get the ball rolling.  But how do you start or execute something if you don’t have the idea to begin with?  Are people born with creativity?  Is it innate or is it something you just pick up along the way? I believe, that similar to leadership, the attributes that enable us to run a business are sometimes inherent in us.  That doesn’t mean though that just because we aren’t born with these traits, we can’t have it.  Take for instance, IQ.  I was born with a normal IQ.  I wasn’t even above average or high IQ.  I was just your average Jane.  It was because of this stigma of being average as opposed to my intelligent siblings who raked in a superior IQ rank that led me to have confidence issues and made me “lazy”.  Long story short, I worked out my issues and gave it a go and got my IQ rank to Superior by scoring a high AI (acquired intelligence).

Back to creativity, sometimes we just get too boxed in on the idea of looking for the next big thing when we could be better off making the next big thing.  You can make creativity happen if you look around you and see that indeed, there are a lot of opportunities. We just need to do the grunt work. Research, Research, Research! There will always be an opportunity for something.. you can find opportunity in the face of threats and weaknesses.  Every strong brand has an Achilles heel and this is where the small-time hungry entrepreneur (read: passionate!) strikes.  Just make sure that when you take on a giant, you have to be prepared. Again… research, research, research! It may sound like a drag but a whole lot of research goes a long way.  No one ever made it to the rich and famous business list without doing any heavy lifting.

Again it’s the start that is hard but that is the first step. Start from somewhere and the easiest way to do that is to simply make a list of all your ideas.  The more the merrier! After which, qualify the ideas.  Don’t worry about draining all your brain juices and not getting anything. If you’ve heard about the Law of Averages, it states that there is a hit-miss ratio. So the more ideas you jot down, the higher the likelihood that you will get something out of something.  Get the art of the start down pat.  After that, you’ve got game, everything is soooo ON!!! 😀 Start NOW… after reading this post… and let me know how it goes 🙂 Good luck!

ni hao, thanks for reading. drop me a line, xie xie! =)

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