First Aid Kit for Babies

It was a very hectic week with the nanny on vacation leave. It didn’t help that Baby Bear came down with the colds again (teething related, I think?) This weekend we will be staycationing at Hotel H2O with the family of My Yummy MummyMy Yummy Mummy got us the aqua-themed room for a steal at Ensogo Philippines. We are excited for Baby Bear. I think she will enjoy looking at the fishies.

In preparation for the trip, we have to lug a lot of stuff again even though it’s just an overnight stay. I blogged about stuff to bring for Baby Bear before here, when the whole family went on a trip to El Nido, Lagen Island a month ago. I promised to blog about packing a First Aid Kit for Babies. I’m sharing with you my list. Take note that this list is specifically for babies 0-12 months old. Also, this list is tailor-fitted for Baby Bear as per her pedia’s recommendation. This only serves as a guide so it is still best to consult the final contents of your own First Aid Kit with your baby’s pedia.

1.) Ever-reliable Calpol for those emergency 38.8 fever.

2.) Multi-Vitamins for your growing baby.

3.) Ice Pack – for the darn bumps your active toddler gets from time to time.

4.) Thermometer – we use an ear thermometer

5.) Aceite Manzanilla – Precaution to kabag or stomach gas

5.) For Colds/Coughs:

  • Sterimar Spray – Basically a saline solution sprayed 4x a day, twice per nostril.
  • Pigeon Aspirator – I soooo hate doing this!
  • Vapor Soove – Camphor-free baby Vicks
  • Virlix – Needs a prescription from your pedia, it’s basically an antihistamine.

6.) Accidental Scrapes and Bruises:

  • Band-Aids – The more colorful ones, the better. I use water proof band-aids by Next Aids 🙂
  • Betadine – Everybody knows this product.
  • Fucidin – To put on those itchy and painful boo-boos after.

7.) Fucithalmic Eye Ointment – For irritated eyes, pink-eye, conjunctivitis, and that nasty sty!

8.) Glucolyte Plus – It comes in lots of fun flavors that would make rehydrating baby from diarrhea easier.

9.) Insect Repellent – Moski Shield insect repellent patch that I put on the shirt of Baby Bear and OFF! Clean Feel for the arms and legs.

That’s about it, I guess. I might have some items missing since this is tailored to what Baby Bear only needs so don’t forget to consult with your pedia. As always, enjoy your trips with your family… it’s your chance to make good memories. So if you forget anything, don’t sweat it. There’s always a nearby drug store… unless you’re vacationing in some far-flung province or country. Have a happy weekend y’all! 🙂

The Air You Breathe In This Room Is Sterilized

Your world stops when a loved one is sick. I blogged about being MIA from my blog and business here when my Baby Bear got sick for the first time with pink eye, cough, colds and fevers — all in one week. It’s especially hard when babies get sick. They can’t tell us where it hurts and what discomforts they are feeling. They also become uber fussy during this time as they are super irritable with all the sickly feeling.

Humidifier, vaporizer, nebulizer… being a newbie mom, I was sooooo clueless as to what all these gadgets are for. I never got around to researching about all these thing-a-ma-jigs because I didn’t want to think that we needed it. In the same way that we know we need to prepare a baby first-aid kit for such just-in-case moments, but we don’t because we would rather think that this would never happen to us. Besides that, I realized that since my Baby Bear also has a history of skin asthma, I thought that it would be wise to invest in some air contraption.  As the old adage says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

So being a google addict, I set about researching the different devices that were being offered in the market. I stumbled upon this “magic capsule” of an air purifier.

the air you breathe…

This is how the machine purifies the air. It uses high heat to kill all those pesky airborne allergens, mold and mildew, dust allergens, and other viruses and bacteria.

how air becomes clean

For more info, on how the machine works, check out their how-to link here. They have this ‘flashy’ presentation that will educate you more on the mechanisms of the machine.

According to my research, this is the only air purifier that can eliminate germs and other microbes in the air efficiently. This has been proven and tested independently. It is also used in hospitals. If it’s good enough for the doctors, it’s good enough for me! 🙂

Here’s a pic of the product in the nursery. Being a marketing gal, I appreciated the copy that was imprinted on their product. Talk about self promotion! 😉

such a powerful words…

Other reasons why I love AirFree:

1.)  It is oh, so silent! Other contraptions are so noisy because of the fan mechanisms. This one is so quiet, I sometimes forget that we have an air purifier in the room.

2.) It’s clean capsule-like body already shouts germ-free to me 🙂 Also, the size is just right. It doesn’t take up too much space and is quite portable. We easily move it from room to room.

3.) Easy to install. Being a tech-fraidy gal, I was happy to just plug it in when it arrived.

4.) Love the blue anti-stress light that it emits. It serves as a night-light for Baby Bear especially since she sleeps with all the lights off. You can also dim or turn off the light if this bothers you.

5.) No filters to replace! ‘Nuff said! 🙂

6.) No stinky hospital-like, medicinal, nasty salve smell.  The smell is simply clean.

If you wish to buy AirFree , please contact their authorized dealer here in Manila:

InnoMED Systems

Unit 208 Continental Court Bldg., 47 Annapolis St., Greenhills

02-7257084 or 02-7214593

*This is NOT a sponsored post. This is just me, sharing my mommy discovery with you 🙂

*First 2 pictures were stolen from the AirFree FB page 🙂

The Book Depository Sale

Hurry guys, there is an extra 10% OFF on everything on top of already discounted prices at The Book Depository now.

Reasons why I love buying books via The Book Depository:

1.) No minimum spend.

2.) Free shipping to the Philippines!!!

3.) Really, really amazing prices!

4.) Vast assortment of great books.

5.) They have a lot of promos like the current 10% OFF discount that they are running now.

6.) Quality childrens’ books like the ones I buy for my Baby Bear. I blogged about the books I bought for her before here.

I have purchased a lot of times already with The Book Depository and they always deliver my orders within a month or two. The books arrive in pristine condition. No tears or creases and always packaged properly. Who says books are a dying breed? 🙂

Enjoy shopping fellow bookworms! 🙂

For more information, here’s a link to their site and facebook.!/BookDepository

Agency Directory

A lot of my friends have been looking for new yayas/all-arounds/cooks. It’s so hard to find good help these days. I’m sharing with my readers my list. For the agencies I have personally contacted, I have indicated side notes like how much their agency fee (AF) are and other details like how many replacements are allowed.

Of the many applicants you will get to interview, I hope you will be able to find the right match for your family. May the Law of Averages work for you. Good luck! Do let me know if you can recommend any other good agencies that are not on the list. 🙂

Agency Directory:

1.)  Bernardino’s agency – Ging – 027114350

2.)  Costales – +639066433823

3.)  Saturn – Girlie/Mary – 027167622 – (AF-3,500)-417 Old Sta. Mesa cor. V.Mapa (beside Med.Santos Clinic)

4.)  PNL – 027132768, 027132764, 027131218 – 3914 G Flr. JNT Bldg. – (AF-4k, 25% of 1st month, SF800)

5.)  Majesty – (Bella/Kris) – 027310512 (Joyce) – (AF-4k)

6.) Filmar – Helen – 09154336153

7.)  ADM – Minnie- 027811144

8.) Delta -Nina -024009187

9.) HRGS – Teresa – 025359102 (AF-4k) – 482 Boni Ave.Madaluyong City Happ (Right@tapaking-3rd corner u-turn)

10.) Sacred Heart – Rod – 027334911; 09186986813 (AF-4k-6mos.3replacements)

11.) Governess – Alona – 024071891; 027245990, 027276014 (AF-3k) – Unit 301 Continent Court Condo. 47 Annapolis St. GH

12.)   Elijaseth  – Rosalie/Rosita – 024816315; 0929-2209899 (3500+500-6 mos.2 replacements.)

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It

The title of my blog is a quote from an unknown author. It is such a powerful statement that applies to all aspects of our lives. In my case, it applies to my different personas as a StartUp Mom, StartUp SelfStartUp Wife and StartUp Biz person. As a SAHWM, it is our dream to be able to kick-off more than one of our gazillion ideas and turn it into a successful home business. If my stint in the corporate world has taught me anything, it is our job in the Marketing department to address white space opportunities in the market by coming up with a product that serves an unadressed need, or simply, creating a want that wasn’t there to be wanted for in the first place. In short, we are meant to be magicians — drawing tricks up our sleeves and pulling out rabbits out of empty hats. Tall order, if I may say so.

As I blogged about before here, it is quite difficult to turn the wheels of motion for your projects vs. doing it in a corporate set-up. I have been so used to handling insanely large amounts of support and moolah when launching a product before, that now, stripped of all those wealth of resources, I feel vulnerable and very insecure with launching my ideas. It is also quite scary because the business landscape has changed so much with the internet and social media.

My focus these days has been my StartUp Biz. There are days when everything just seems so daunting. There is an overwhelming pressure to succeed… probably to justify why I left the corporate rat race and to reinforce the need to work-at-home in order to keep a better eye and take a more hands-on approach to the development of Baby Bear. My past blog entries have more been about the home and Baby Bear, which reflects that I haven’t been doing a good job of separating my business and personal life. Truly a weakness that I need to address. I plan to post more about my StartUp Biz projects and hopefully I get to nourish these ideas to life also.

It’s time to start creating the future. Here are a few details about our plans.

  1. Our StartUp Biz has the vision of helping people live better for less by offering unique and value-laden products
  2. We want to reach out to a new generation of shoppers.
  3. Our products will also be used by our family (The Bear Family), as I don’t believe in selling products that I don’t personally use or would not give as gifts.
  4. In conjunction to #3, we will also not sell “useless” products. It is my pet peeve to have products at home that do not serve any value in any way whatsoever. Waste not, want not!
  5. It is still my dream to pay it forward and to leave a legacy. I hope that my business/es will be able to touch a lot of lives and may they enhance our personal lives as well.

As I write this, I still feel very small… but I know that my passion and belief will help me go and grow. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the past 2 years managing the different personas that I need to be, we can’t be all that we want to at once and we can’t try to be all things to all people. We should concentrate and focus. Promise only what you can deliver, but try to deliver more than what you have promised.

With this, I hope to blog and tweet more about my business life. I hope you can help me on this specific journey of mine which comes close to my heart as well. 🙂

Personalities and Quirks

Do you believe that the personality of babies are made and not born with or born and not made? I think at the start, they were born with their own set of personalities but it is up to us, as parents, to try NOT to shape but to HONE these personalities. My husband and I both have more or less the same personality type. Suffice it to say that the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Baby Bear has our personalities. This is a double-edged sword for us. This can be good because at least we know how we like and don’t like things so it is easier to adapt to her. This is also bad because, hey it’s hard enough to change ourselves as it is, let alone get someone else to change too.

Baby Bear is a bit of an introvert like us. I scoured around the internet looking for the best description of what an introvert is. It’s hard to do so because there is a lot of misconception surrounding this specific stereotype. Here’s the best definition I was able to get that was a bit close to home of what an introvert for me is.

So what makes Baby Bear an introvert?

1.) She tends to think things through before doing – If I ask her to look for things in the room, she really looks first before pointing. Just recently, I asked her where the wall clock is in the office of her pedia. She looked around first then pointed to where it was hung. When I ask her to grab me toys from her room, she doesn’t just go and randomly throw around things looking for the object that I asked for. She will survey the room first, and when she finds it with her eyes, then she goes for the object.

2.) She observes first before diving head on – She is enrolled in Gymboree Play & Learn 3 and Music  1 class. She doesn’t participate at once because she studies the teacher intently.. and by intently, I mean if looks-can-kill type of stare. After she gets the hang of it, she practices at home, preferably when she is alone. We see her doing the stuff she learned in school via our baby monitor.

3.) She is very shy and reserved. – She shies away from people who shower her with lots of attention. She doesn’t like to “do tricks” in front of other people and literally, burrows herself when people applaud her.

No, I don’t think she is anti-social. Neither is she “gifted” in the negative way. That’s just how she is. Different strokes for different folks. This is how she moves, this is how she learns and plays. I can enroll her in all the classes I can think of or even schedule her all the playdates that she wants but I think this is how she really is. She is super happy to see her room when she comes home from the mall, classes or a trip. She plays with all her toys as if she hasn’t seen them for a week. This is her way of recharging and being herself.

Do I wish that she was more of an extrovert? Yes, I do sometimes wish that but only because I know my Baby Bear has so much talent to share. She knows so many things already and I am just a bursting proud Momma Bear who just wants to show her off. I think though, we just need to take a step back and remember that though our babies are ours, they are still their own person. They are living their own lives and we should let them live it by supporting them and not changing them. We should foster an environment wherein they will feel safe and secure enough to grow and blossom.

Here’s a list of rules for caring for an introvert that a friend of mine emailed me.

how to care for introverts

An introvert or an extrovert will have their own ways of learning and living. At the end of the day, trust that they will arrive at the same answer… just a different road. To the moms out there, who also have introvert babies, let your tiger mom instinct take a step back. You may not be able to show them off the way you would an extrovert child who loves the crowd and knows how to work them, but your baby will know if you are proud of them… and at the end of the day, that is all that will matter! Your child is uniquely yours and only a mother can love and understand their own kids the best way they know how – quirks and all! 🙂

How about you? Is your child an introvert or extrovert? Do share us your stories about your own kids 🙂 Happy weekend!