The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It

The title of my blog is a quote from an unknown author. It is such a powerful statement that applies to all aspects of our lives. In my case, it applies to my different personas as a StartUp Mom, StartUp SelfStartUp Wife and StartUp Biz person. As a SAHWM, it is our dream to be able to kick-off more than one of our gazillion ideas and turn it into a successful home business. If my stint in the corporate world has taught me anything, it is our job in the Marketing department to address white space opportunities in the market by coming up with a product that serves an unadressed need, or simply, creating a want that wasn’t there to be wanted for in the first place. In short, we are meant to be magicians — drawing tricks up our sleeves and pulling out rabbits out of empty hats. Tall order, if I may say so.

As I blogged about before here, it is quite difficult to turn the wheels of motion for your projects vs. doing it in a corporate set-up. I have been so used to handling insanely large amounts of support and moolah when launching a product before, that now, stripped of all those wealth of resources, I feel vulnerable and very insecure with launching my ideas. It is also quite scary because the business landscape has changed so much with the internet and social media.

My focus these days has been my StartUp Biz. There are days when everything just seems so daunting. There is an overwhelming pressure to succeed… probably to justify why I left the corporate rat race and to reinforce the need to work-at-home in order to keep a better eye and take a more hands-on approach to the development of Baby Bear. My past blog entries have more been about the home and Baby Bear, which reflects that I haven’t been doing a good job of separating my business and personal life. Truly a weakness that I need to address. I plan to post more about my StartUp Biz projects and hopefully I get to nourish these ideas to life also.

It’s time to start creating the future. Here are a few details about our plans.

  1. Our StartUp Biz has the vision of helping people live better for less by offering unique and value-laden products
  2. We want to reach out to a new generation of shoppers.
  3. Our products will also be used by our family (The Bear Family), as I don’t believe in selling products that I don’t personally use or would not give as gifts.
  4. In conjunction to #3, we will also not sell “useless” products. It is my pet peeve to have products at home that do not serve any value in any way whatsoever. Waste not, want not!
  5. It is still my dream to pay it forward and to leave a legacy. I hope that my business/es will be able to touch a lot of lives and may they enhance our personal lives as well.

As I write this, I still feel very small… but I know that my passion and belief will help me go and grow. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the past 2 years managing the different personas that I need to be, we can’t be all that we want to at once and we can’t try to be all things to all people. We should concentrate and focus. Promise only what you can deliver, but try to deliver more than what you have promised.

With this, I hope to blog and tweet more about my business life. I hope you can help me on this specific journey of mine which comes close to my heart as well. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It

  1. Deanne Khristie ♕ (@Deeyosa) June 18, 2012 / 5:11 pm

    Im glad I read through your blog today 🙂 I left the corporate world late last year when I got married. Now, Im inspired to start something I’ve always wanted to do before but I’m just quite hesitant…to start my own biz. Thanks again! 🙂

    • startupbabies June 21, 2012 / 11:16 am

      so hard to leave the corporate world, right? i miss it sometimes… but time for a new chapter in our lives 🙂 don’t worry, we can do it! i wish you good luck with your own biz and again, let me know what help you need. i think we ex-corporate people should stick together, it’s a different ball game for us 🙂

ni hao, thanks for reading. drop me a line, xie xie! =)

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