Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Since it’s the hiatus for most of the TV series that we have been following, we were able to watch some of the movies that we have downloaded before. 2 weekends ago, we watched this documentary  called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I downloaded this because ever since I met Papa Bear, I have already known that I was marrying a Japan-crazed person. He has this deep-seated love for anything Japanese and believes that he was a samurai before during his previous life. We have been planning a trip to Japan but this has never materialized because of a lot of circumstances that happened to us — like getting pregnant, having a baby, Fukushima incident, etc. Since we couldn’t go to Japan, I decided to bring Japan to our place. What better way to do this than with his all-time fave food — sushi! 🙂

This documentary is about the life of Jiro. He owns Sukibayashi Jiro, a Sushi-only, 10-seat only, 3-star Michelin restaurant in Ginza subway. There is a 6 month waiting list for this place and 20 pieces of sushi costs 30,000 yen, around USD$400!!! Pricey. Not even my Japan-crazed hubby was willing to pay this much for the best sushi in the world.

At first, I thought this documentary was all about sushi. More than the art of making sushi as a way of life, it was also all about life. I was able to get a lot of insights and learned a lot of valuable lessons that only experience and people with wisdom could teach. It dabbles on family, culinary as a form of art, work and the complexities of a father-son/boss-employee relationship.

Oh, and did I mention that Jiro is already 85 years old??? Yes, he is 85 and still running his place. As the adage goes, you can do what you love for the rest of your life if it is truly what you love doing. He is touted as the best sushi chef in the world and his success can be attributed to his extreme discipline, focus and passion. This is quite evident in his work and everyday life and he demands nothing less from his sons and staff, too. The documentary will show that just to handle the simple task of cooking the egg or rice, the training he requires for that is 10 years! Other people would’ve probably quit after a maximum of 2-3 years or maybe just from the plain boredom of doing the same thing over and over. This will show you that this man can be quite intense and gives a whole new meaning to the word FOCUS!

If I had one entrepreneurial lesson learned from watching this documentary it would be the art of mastery and dedication. This is something that I would also like to teach my kids – to give their best in whatever they do, and by best I mean 100% concentration, focus, energy and love into their passions. I wouldn’t want them to settle for anything less, and yes, I will let them watch this documentary in the future. May they learn to be as focused and hardworking as Jiro, yet never forget their humble beginnings.

Here’s the official trailer for this documentary. I hope you become as inspired as I was with this story.

Staycation Love Letter

The Bear Family is having a staycation right now, just here in Manila. Baby Bear has been fast asleep and we are bored out of our wits already — like 2 hours ago! We want to leave the room… but we can’t. So, the only quiet thing we can do is to entertain ourselves with technology. Thank you Steve Jobs for the iPad. At least that gives us something to do… for now! 🙂 Papa Bear is using the iPad so I decided to write (hand-write!) a love letter for my baby. Sharing with you my first vacation letter to my little one 🙂


My dearest Baby Bear,

I promised you a staycation and here we are now… at the Oakwood Premiere Joy-Nostalg Center (See letterhead above) 🙂 Right now, you are sleeping like a baby (Finally!) 😛 You were so excited today that you skipped your afternoon nap and slept late tonight. You had so much fun today. You swam awhile ago (hello indoor heated pool — hurray!). You should see our iPhone pics of you, being so happy in the water… makes spending time with you so heartwarming. What we would give to always see that sweet smile plastered everyday.

We love you very much, Baby Bear. Don’t grow up too fast. You are now 16 months old and we love how sweet you have become. You randomly surprise us with your hugs, kisses and squeals of delight whenever you see me and daddy. You love it when we both hold your hands while walking and you always look up to us lovingly and with such sweet adoration. We love that and we are enjoying and cherishing every moment with you. I hope you will always look at us that way. I hope we will be the best parents that we can be for you. May we always be good role models — people you can always look up to and turn to whenever you need anything — big or small.

We love you very much, Baby Bear. We always will — to the stars and back! Good night my baby. May you have the sweetest dreams. We will always pray for you. May your guardian angel always guide and look after you. See you in the morning, my sweet angel.

Lots of Love,

Mama Bear (a.k.a. MOMMY) 

aKids’Life – Table and Chairs GRACIE collection

Here’s the latest project I just finished for aKids’Life Furniture. This OC mom wanted a play/study table with a large work area and plenty of storage space. Here are some pictures of the GRACIE Elementary Table and Chairs that we designed and built for her.

GRACIE Table and Chairs
storage under the chair
storage, storage and more storage under the table!
storage, storage and more storage under the table!
detachable arm chairs - let this piece of furniture also grow along with your little ones
detachable arm chairs – let this piece of furniture also grow along with your little ones
rounded edges for safety, white duco finish using non-toxic child-safe paint
rounded edges for safety, white duco finish using non-toxic child-safe paint
items under the table and uber cute doggy -- not included! :)
items under the table and uber cute doggy — not included! 🙂

I name all the furniture projects that I have because I believe that every furniture should have a story to tell. This is called the GRACIE collection because of my current fave song in my playlist. It’s a song by Ben Folds about a father and his precious daughter, named GRACIE. The lines in the song that strikes me the most are: “One day you’re gonna want to go, I hope we taught you everything you need to know, Gracie girl”. Here’s the link to this very touching video that will surely make you go awww… 🙂

For my client, thank you for trusting us with this key piece of furniture in your home. I hope that this table and chair grows with you and your family. May you teach your daughter her lessons in school with this study table, make lots of art projects, draw inspiration, paint pictures and etch many memories with this wooden table.

You can view my other projects here or visit my FB page here. Thanks! 🙂