Play and Learn Activity 1: Bath and Body

I am a SAHWM – Stay At Home Working Mom. Lately though, I have been morphing into a SAHM. I’ve been so addicted to taking care of the baby and teaching her stuff. She is in this uber cute phase wherein she parrots you – what you say and what you do. Her mind is such an absorbent sponge right now. She is busy taking in everything so I was quite hooked on planning developmental activities. I am enriching her mind with books and developmental toys (Sources are: The Book Depository and Amazon). Thank God for the internet!!! Seriously though, I think I need to get back to work since Christmas is our busiest season and working means more money to buy more stuff for Baby Bear, right? 😉

What I have been busy researching about the past few days were brain-boosting activities that I could do with Baby Bear or that I can teach the nanny to do with Baby Bear. As one of her godmothers told me, it’s not the nanny’s duty to teach her stuff… it is the duty of the parents to do so. It’s just a bonus if the nanny CAN teach her. Heck, it’s already a bonus if you even have a GOOD nanny who can do the basic nanny duties, right? Teaching your kid is above and beyond her call of duty already.

Anyhoo, I digress. I was able compile a list of activities from varied sources like parenting books, journals, websites, twitter, Facebook and other digests. Nerd Alert! 😛 Will share the activities that we were able to do successfully or the ones that were able to illicit a positive response. Note that activities posted focus on language, music and games that are age-appropriate for Baby Bear (around 18-24 months). It is our goal to have a new enrichment activity at least once or twice a month, maybe even more. With babies, the focus is always repetition since they are at the stage wherein repetition fosters memory retention. And hey, as long as you see them having fun, why retire that old trick if it still works, right? 😉 Whatever makes them happy, after all learning should always be fun since they’re just babies! 🙂

Play Activity 1: Bath and Body (Yes, I’m so corny. I couldn’t think of an activity title so this is what I used. No points for creativity here :P)

Objective: Focuses on learning about the parts of the body and other action words.

rubber ducky, you're the one... you make bath time lots of fun!
rubber ducky, you’re the one… you make bath time lots of fun!

There is still an opportunity to learn even if you are just giving your baby a bath. Get babies’ bath toys to do actions, tell her what each one is doing and urge her to tell you, too. Example, pick up her rubber ducky and say: the duck is splashing, splashing splashing on your back. Or grab the soap and say: look, the soap is washing, washing, washing your tummy and so on and so forth. Other action words that we use are: shampooing, massaging, tickling, etc.

Rationale: Studies say that repetition of words and phrases accelerates langauge development. It establishes early on that every sound has a meaning and solidifies that every thing that is named or every action has a corresponding word. That’s why in Baby Bear’s school, they post or name all of the objects that you will see inside their classroom. Everything is labeled accordingly. For instance, DOOR, CHAIR, TABLE, WINDOW, etc. You can actually do the same at home. Subliminal message at its best! 🙂

Remember that babies at this stage learn via playing. It is with playing that they are able to grasp the concept of things and events happening around them. Ain’t it fun to be a kid! 😉

Other fun activities:

30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge

Visit A Zoo

How about you? What are some of the activities that you do with your kids? Feel free to share them here! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Play and Learn Activity 1: Bath and Body

  1. grech racal (@grechie20) September 26, 2012 / 5:20 pm

    I used to that with my 3 girls and i tell you it is so effective… at a certain age they will definitely learn. aside from the different parts of their body, while in the tub, we also sing the alphabet song, count 10 to 20. haaay time really flies so fast, for me. reading this post reminded me of my 3 girls when they were the age of your child.

    • startupbabies September 26, 2012 / 5:43 pm

      hi grech, thanks for the encouragement. great to know that it worked with your 3 girls. sometimes, it gets boring and tiring if we keep repeating hahaha. funny because i never thought of singing the alphabet song and numbers… oo nga naman! 😀 thanks for the tip!

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