Love Letter to Baby Bear

love letter
love letter


Dearest Baby Bear,

As I’m writing you this love letter, you are now in school. You love your school very much (I think?) 🙂 United Nations Day is coming up. It’s your very first big school activity so I went all-out with support. (Read: Stage Mommy) 😛 I have donated room decor already, prepared food and drinks you were allocated to bring… I’ve been running around the different malls looking for your costume. (South American costumes are so hard to find) 😦 I haven’t found the perfect costume yet, but I will… even if I need to go to how many more malls. This is our first of many school events and I promise to give as much support every time. We will always do whatever we can for you… never forget that baby girl. We love you very much… to the stars and back!


Dada and Mama

ni hao, thanks for reading. drop me a line, xie xie! =)

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