Me In A Hundred Nutshells – Part 3

The Last of the Mohicans… 😛

61.) I am directionally challenged. Lost cause!

62.) I am sooper lactose-intolerant. Just a spoonful of milk will send me to the toilets. (Sorry, TMI!)

63.) I am currently renovating our place and don’t know squat about electrical wiring, pipings, drainage, tiling and stuff…

64.) … neither do I know much about fabrics, fabrics. My face goes blank when my interior designer discusses it with me.

65.) I am always the last person to finish eating. I eat a lot, I eat slow, and I love talking while eating.

66.) I am afraid of the doctor. I am a wuss with needles. I have low tolerance for pain.

67.) I had the chicken pox when I was young. It was the best 2 weeks of my life. The whole family had it all at the same time so we were all cooped up in 1 room doing things together… united by a common dislike of the splotchy, itchy skin feel we were all going through.

68.) I’m a plain jane — I love plain vanilla ice cream, I wear my hair down only, I don’t experiment much with fashion, I love plain colors and I always play safe. Good thing I have close friends who make sure they bring color into my life.

69.) Some of my crazy adventures involve tobogganing down the Great Wall of China and bungee jumping over some mountain near China. But the craziest of all was getting caught sneaking out of our retreat house in high school… we were caught by dogs set loose by the guards and by flash lights streaming on our criminal faces.

great wall of china
great wall of china

70.) I believe that everything, even every little thing, though may come across as insignificant or innocuous… actually happens for a reason. It’s all part of one great big master plan.

71.) I hope that when I die, I leave a legacy behind.

The End. Less than a hundred to protect my secret identity… and more importantly, stopping myself from boring all of you! 🙂 Hope this somehow gave you a glimpse as to who Startupbabies is. Thanks again for all your support. Enjoy the rest of your Sundays and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

ni hao, thanks for reading. drop me a line, xie xie! =)

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