Barney’s Birthday Bash

While everybody is excited to watch the much-awaited broadway show, Wicked… I am excited for Baby Bear’s first show – Barney’s Birthday Bash.

Barney's Bday Bash (pic stolen from Manila Concert Scene Blog)
Barney’s Bday Bash (pic stolen from Manila Concert Scene Blog)

We watched the 30 minute live show over at Eastwood last year (see post here) and I think she is ready this time around for a longer one. She has been feeling under the weather the past few days and normally it’s hard to get her to take lots of rest. I have dangled the Barney show as bait for her to sleep more so that she can recover before the weekend. I know it sounds bad but you do what you have to do to get them to rest more. 😉 Bad news for me though, I just learned that the show was moved to March 29-30 because the equipment, set and costumes weren’t shipped on time due to the typhoons that recently hit our country. I try to always keep my promises to Baby Bear especially when I use it as a reward for good behavior. I don’t want her to think I was just lying to get her to do what I want. Oops! I will definitely have to think of a way to make up for this weekend.

(details from Manila Concert Scene blog)
(details from Manila Concert Scene blog)

As the title mentions, this year’s show is all about a birthday bash. This is so timely as I am preparing for her 3rd birthday coming up in a few months (huhu, 3 years old… not too fast, my baby). We hope that Baby Bear has a super-dee-duper time with her cousin. I just remembered the theme for her 2nd birthday was also Barney. Wonder if she will still clamor for the same theme again this year. Hopefully NOT! 🙂  

Here are the details for the show.

Barney’s Birthday Bash!
February 1, 2014 – Waterfront Hotel Cebu, Cebu 
(11:00am, 3:00pm, 7:00pm)
March 29 to 30, 2014 – Mall of Asia Arena, Manila
(March 29 – 3:00pm and 7:00pm || March 30 – 11:00am and 3:00pm)

Manila show:
VIP FRONT ROW – Php 3,400.00(Reserved Seats)
VIP – Php 2,970.00(Reserved Seats)
PATRON – Php 2,650.00(Reserved Seats)
LOWER BOX CENTER – Php 1,590.00(Reserved Seats)
LOWER BOX SIDES – Php 1,170.00(Reserved Seats)

Cebu show:
FRONT ROW – Php 3,400.00(Reserved Seats)
VIP – Php 2,970.00(Reserved Seats)
GOLD – Php 2,230.00(Reserved Seats)
SILVER – Php 1,590.00(Reserved Seats)

Tickets for Barney’s Birthday Bash – Manila and Cebu shows is available at all SM Tickets outlets nationwide and at
Call 470-2222

LINKS – Manila show tickets – Cebu show tickets

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Color of the Year 2014

Happy 2014! This season’s hottest hue is RADIANT ORCHID! My mom is so thrilled with the color of the year because it’s her all-time favorite color. Finally she can whip out her purple ensembles and radiate cool confidence.


I like this color also as it shrieks creativity to me. It’s such an enigmatic color. It truly brings out the fuchsia, purple and pink undertones that make it so captivating and vibrant. This color has a quiet subtlety but it catches the eye with its classy dazzle.

I’m so glad this is the new color of the year. It’s a good excuse to wear the purple pants the hubby gave me 2 Christmases ago. Hmm… does this mean the hubby has good fashion foresight? I should let him buy me more clothes LOL.

Happy New Year everyone! May we all have a radiant 2014! 🙂

Color of the Year 2013