Hello 2019!

Start of the year means new promises made at the beginning of the year that you may or may not keep. Statistics say that Resolutions often fail, because they were unrealistic and made with vague and over generalized sweeping statements. Way back in our corporate days, they always tell you to make any goals attainable by K.I.S.S. (Keeping it Short and Simple).

I was supposed to skip doing Resolutions this year as I never seem to get around to doing them anyway, so why bother right? I do better with company goals and targets, but I could never seem to achieve my personal goals that were not in related to business matters.

I stumbled upon this awesome illustration by Julia Rothman on Instagram  


Looks simple and fun to do. I decided to give it a go and this took me less than 5 minutes to do. Sweet!



Evening walks



Junk Food


Social media

Table Tennis








Plant-based Diet


Instant Pot Cooking

QT Family Time


Reading in bed


One on one time with kids




Social Work (how to impact poor communities)


What I like most about this process was everything just came so naturally. It was really top-of-mind and I didn’t need to think twice about anything. The fact that you didn’t need to make it into a coherent phrase or sentence was also a bonus. Jotting down the list was so quick and easy as it felt so natural. For the first time, I didn’t feel forced to come up with a resolution. Try it! It’s actually quite liberating, I swear! =) I saw a different version wherein you can also use START or STOP instead or simply add these 2 columns if you want something more specific.

Well… here’s hoping since writing the list was so easy, that keeping them would also be!

Cheers and have a great 2019. Check back on me this June if I’m still working on this list.

Tata for now! Xoxo! =)




ni hao, thanks for reading. drop me a line, xie xie! =)

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