The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It

The title of my blog is a quote from an unknown author. It is such a powerful statement that applies to all aspects of our lives. In my case, it applies to my different personas as a StartUp Mom, StartUp SelfStartUp Wife and StartUp Biz person. As a SAHWM, it is our dream to be able to kick-off more than one of our gazillion ideas and turn it into a successful home business. If my stint in the corporate world has taught me anything, it is our job in the Marketing department to address white space opportunities in the market by coming up with a product that serves an unadressed need, or simply, creating a want that wasn’t there to be wanted for in the first place. In short, we are meant to be magicians — drawing tricks up our sleeves and pulling out rabbits out of empty hats. Tall order, if I may say so.

As I blogged about before here, it is quite difficult to turn the wheels of motion for your projects vs. doing it in a corporate set-up. I have been so used to handling insanely large amounts of support and moolah when launching a product before, that now, stripped of all those wealth of resources, I feel vulnerable and very insecure with launching my ideas. It is also quite scary because the business landscape has changed so much with the internet and social media.

My focus these days has been my StartUp Biz. There are days when everything just seems so daunting. There is an overwhelming pressure to succeed… probably to justify why I left the corporate rat race and to reinforce the need to work-at-home in order to keep a better eye and take a more hands-on approach to the development of Baby Bear. My past blog entries have more been about the home and Baby Bear, which reflects that I haven’t been doing a good job of separating my business and personal life. Truly a weakness that I need to address. I plan to post more about my StartUp Biz projects and hopefully I get to nourish these ideas to life also.

It’s time to start creating the future. Here are a few details about our plans.

  1. Our StartUp Biz has the vision of helping people live better for less by offering unique and value-laden products
  2. We want to reach out to a new generation of shoppers.
  3. Our products will also be used by our family (The Bear Family), as I don’t believe in selling products that I don’t personally use or would not give as gifts.
  4. In conjunction to #3, we will also not sell “useless” products. It is my pet peeve to have products at home that do not serve any value in any way whatsoever. Waste not, want not!
  5. It is still my dream to pay it forward and to leave a legacy. I hope that my business/es will be able to touch a lot of lives and may they enhance our personal lives as well.

As I write this, I still feel very small… but I know that my passion and belief will help me go and grow. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the past 2 years managing the different personas that I need to be, we can’t be all that we want to at once and we can’t try to be all things to all people. We should concentrate and focus. Promise only what you can deliver, but try to deliver more than what you have promised.

With this, I hope to blog and tweet more about my business life. I hope you can help me on this specific journey of mine which comes close to my heart as well. 🙂

Have Baby, Will Travel

Baby Bear just turned 1. Hooray to another milestone! 🙂 Her next adventure is a trip to El Nido Lagen Island, Palawan — first airplane ride, first boat ride, first long trip, first beach, first outing, a lot of firsts! 🙂

Here are some tips for taveling with a baby.

1.) Be prepared. Be very prepared. – Call the resort and ask questions about the trip, flight, airport details, etc. For instance, I just learned that all liquid hand-carry must be in increments of 100mL with a maximum of 2 bottles only. I requested for a larger allocation for this because my baby drinks a lot! Plus, you have to be at the airport 1.5 hours before the flight, the flight is 1.5 hours, the boat ride is 1 hour, not counting the travel time to the airport of 1 hour… you do the math! 200mL is not enough to feed a probably-starving and bored infant by then! 🙂

2.) Call the resort and ask them to set up a baby cot in your room.

3.) Call the resort before the trip and request for special meals that your baby eats. i.e. congee, soup, vegetables etc.

4.) Ask if they have microwave ovens, airpots in the room and yes, I was very happy to discover that they had sterilizers at Lagen Island. 2 thumbs up to them for having complete baby equipments.

5.) Make sure they have life jackets for babies. If not, there are small life jackets being sold at Speedo stores but it’s for 2 years old and above though.

6.) Check if the water at the resort is desalinated. This is important especially if your baby has atopic tendencies or skin asthma.

7.) For island hopping, check out the schedule of the boat transfers, how long the transfers are, if their boats have shades from the sun, if there are bathrooms in the islands you will be going to.

8.) Do they sell mineral or distilled water in the resort and how much. El Nido only has Evian and Viva Mineral Water. Evian is being sold at a whopping P570 and Vivia is at P73.25. Yikes, I am lugging around my own Absolute distilled water.

9.) Speaking of which, there’s only a 10kg weight allocation per person – luggage and handcarries. Babies have no allocation!

Now that you are armed with all that information, it’s time to pack. We will be away for 3 days and 2 nights. Sharing with you my list that I based from Being the OC mom that I am though, I added other items and lots of extras too. Crossing my fingers that we will not exceed our baggage allocation.

1.) Diapers – Calculate how many diapers she will need for the trip and add 10% for buffer in case of emergencies.

2.) Diaper Pad – This is very important especially since I highly doubt that you will be lugging a stroller around the beach.

3.) Diaper Rash Cream

4.) Wipes – 1 big for the luggage and 1 small pack for the diaper bag will do 🙂

5.) Blankets – 4 blankies which will also double as beach mat or blankie when she sleeps on the plane or boat

6.) Plastic Bags – Varied sizes to store soiled clothes, diapers, spit-ups, etc.

7.) Alcohol – 1 medium size, 1 small

8.) Baby wash – 1 medium size for the luggage and 1 small (for when you go island hopping or go to the beach you need to quickly wash her face/hands)

9.) Baby Lotion – 1 medium size in the toiletry bag

10.) Tissues – 1 big for the luggage, 1 small for the diaper bag

11.) Fave toys/books

12.) Don’t forget the beach toys and floater… and the air pump! 🙂 We got the brand Swim Ways for the floater Intex for the air pump 🙂

13.) Clothes, socks, shoes

14.) Bibs

15.) Sun Hat and Shades – both of which my baby doesn’t like to wear, good luck to me! 😦

16.) Bathing suits – I love the brand iPlay because it has UPF and they have swim diapers. Protect the fishes hehe 🙂

17.) Umbrella

18.) Feeding Set (Spoon, Fork, Bowl) – 2 sets

19.) Formula, Water

20.) Bottles, Nipples, Sippy/Straw Cups

21.) Bottle Cleaner and brush – don’t forget the straw brush 🙂

22.) First Aid Kit – The most important item is the ear thermometer and ice pack. (Separate post on the First Aid Kit coming up) 🙂

23.) Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

24.) Toothbrush/Toothpaste – we bring 2 brushes because our baby loves holding one while we are brushing her teeth

25.) Nail Cutter – Do cut the nails before the trip though so that will be one less thing that you will have to worry about.

26.) Cotton buds/Cotton Balls

27.) Laundry Powder – 1 sachet

28.) Socket Protectors – got mine from Saizen

29.) Baby Bed Linen – Bring your own small pillows and bolsters so she doesn’t need to adjust too much to new surroundings.

30.) Hooded Towels – Wrap around after swimming/from the beach

31.)  Baby Towels – We’re bringing 4

32.) Wash Cloths – 5

33.) Burp Pads – 6

34.) Moski Shield/Insect Repellant – We use OFF! Clean Feel because it uses Picardin which is safer for babies

35.) Sunblock – Upon our pedia and derma’s reco, we got Cetaphil SPF50 🙂

36.) Aceite Manzanilla – We always carry 1 small bottle in our diaper bags as precaution to kabag or stomach gas.

37.) Baby Powder (Cornstarch) – We don’t believe in using powders but we always have 1 small cornstarch powder in case her skin gets irritated and itchy from her sweat or the heat.

38.) Baby Oil – Put baby oil before swimming so that baby doesn’t feel too cold in the water. I learned this trick from the nanny.

39.) Snacks and Drinks – Baby Bears’ current fave snacks are Marie Biscuits. This brand is safe for babies because it melts in their mouth. She washes this down with Dutch Mill Yogurt Drink. The only packaged drink that is approved by Mama Bear for babies. We get the Strawberry flavor because it has less sugar contents vs. the others.

Other pointers:

1.) Try to Ziploc all medicines and toiletries.

2.) Mix and match clothes already. Better if you can Ziploc  or place in a plastic per set/per day, so you can just whip it out anytime and you won’t need to look for matching socks, hats, etc.

3.) Pack an extra outfit for you and your husband in case of spit-ups.

4.) Use a diaper bag that is water-resistant and with shoulder straps for convenience.

5.) Bring medicine prescriptions in case of any emergency.

6.) Always remember to charge your battery cameras and other electronic devices such as cellphones and iPads.

7.) Don’t forget to enjoy!!! Show baby the wonders that God has made, build sand castles, bury her feet in the sand up to the ankles to make the legs strong – old wives’ tale, feel the wind and waves and go stargazing at night 🙂

That’s about it, I guess. We leave tomorrow morning. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. Excited for our first vacation with Baby Bear. Til’ the next post. Happy weekend to all! 🙂

Checking In

Hi there, everyone! Gawd… it’s been the longest 10 days of my life! (yes, that is three exclamation points that you are seeing) 😛

First, Baby Bear got sick, then me, then Papa Bear. My life was literally on a pause button while I took care of the family. As they say, the world stops when a loved one is sick… and to think, this was just your typical cough, colds and fever… and just throw in a little conjunctivitis because the universe must’ve thought it was just an easy problem for me (NOT!) It’s the first time that the whole family was super sick. This was definitely a curve ball that was thrown my way… but as they say, you are never truly a mom until you have nursed a child back to health. Truly a test of your patience and strength as a mother.

While all this was happening, I was also busy preparing for Baby Bears’ 1st birthday party. It is this weekend already, and as the date draws near, I can’t help but be overly excited. The gifts have started coming in already… it definitely feels like Christmas! 🙂

The theme will be Ni Hao Kai Lan. She was introduced to NHK by her maternal granny (guama). She loves all her Kai Lan toys and books and gets super excited when I put Kai Lan on. What I love about the NHK series is that first, it teaches Mandarin by incorporating it into the cartoons. Secondly, it teaches a lot of values. There is always, always a moral lesson to every episode. The only thing that I don’t like about it though is that is shows the negative scenes first before the positive ones. This show had the same pattern of the much-loved Paddington Bear. This was sadly, what caused the demise of that show. This is so because according to studies, the attention span of kids are not that long so if you show the negative scenes first, that might be the one that they remember. There is also the tendency that their brains hit a snooze during the tail-end of the cartoon. What this teaches us as parents is to be vigilant in monitoring what your kids are watching and to make sure that as much as possible, you are there to supervise shows and to be by their side to explain what is happening so that they don’t get the wrong impression or take away the negative messages.

Anyway, I digress… here is the teaser for her birthday party. I’m sharing with you the mood board for her party. As all projects go, I always have a mood board that serves as the basis for all decision-making. Well, not all, but you get my point 🙂 As promised, I will blog about it once I get the pricey pictures I paid the photographer to have the event immortalized 🙂 Let me know what you think. It’s not the usual birthday party theme and I doubt that the kids even know who Kai Lan is… but this party is for my baby… so, whatever makes her happy 🙂

Ni Hao Kai Lan Party (mood board) – c/o Hi5 Parties

We Bought A Zoo — I Mean, We Went To A Zoo!

I am all Barney-ed out! Baby Bears’ current fave is the Old MacDonald Had A Farm episode. She recently spends so much time in front of the TV… I worry she may not be learning and experiencing life that much. So, we decided to change things and went to the zoo… talk about spontaneous! 😉

Surprise, suprise, there is a zoo in the middle of the city. We went to Ark Avilon Zoo, Pasig.  It’s just beside Fun Ranch and Tiendesitas. The entrance fee is at P300 per head, roughly around $6. Baby Bear of course, has free admission. This is just a mini version of the Avilon Zoo in Montalban, but it did not disappoint. We were able to see a lot of animals and surprisingly, the animals looked clean and the zoo wasn’t stinky at all.

There were alligators, or was it crocodiles?

see u later, alligator!

Lots of exotic birds, fishes, and snakes, — yikes!I actually felt like we were “going on a jungle adventure” (as the Barney song goes).  Here is the wildest of ’em all…

white jaguar

There’s a little pond where the kids can feed the fishies and just beside them, there are a lot of exotic birds. You can take pictures with them but frankly, I’m a bit afraid of pecking animals… maybe because I got pecked by a chicken when i was little? 😛

this pic reminds me of the movie Rio 🙂

I also took pictures of a lot of farm animals but I will not post them anymore as they are simply too many and might make my blog too picture-heavy. I can’t resist though, but I just simply have to post the very curious signs that I found all around the zoo. Some of them made me laugh, some of them were tidbits that made me go OOOOHHH! 🙂

all this time, i've been using the phrase "eat like a bird" in the wrong way
the frogs are more advanced that we are in terms of the science of death
they may have warts... but they won't get cancer!
i want to be an armadillo... even for just a day
maybe that's why they laugh too much -- come to think of it, are the hyenas laughing or crying?
ok.. no comment!

The best feature of the zoo for me, was the “petting” area where you could touch the animals and feed them.

survivor series - animal version
the easter bunny wins!

Even though Baby Bear probably didn’t understand what was going on, I think it was still a nice experience for her. She may not remember it, but maybe, just maybe, when she watches that portion in Barney, she will smile and recall her own version of a trip to the ‘farm’ 🙂 Never too late to start making real life memories… in Baby Bears’ case — never too early! 😀

Happy Easter Sunday y’all!!! Hope you all have your own wonderful life memories to make this Easter and the days to come! 😀

For more information about the Ark Avilon Zoo, check out their FB page at!/arkavilonzoo and yes, they are open on Black Saturday and Easter Sunday 🙂

Baby Bears’ favorite Barney clip (Old MacDonald Had A Farm)

Birthday Sentiments

It is the day after my birthday. I’m about to approach the __th marker. I don’t feel old but at the same time I do. There are a lot of things that I want to do with my life and I am rarin’ to get a go at it… but this lifetimes seems too short to finish and do everything that I want to.

Looking back, I don’t know if I’ve achieved a lot already during the first quarter of my life. I sometimes feel as if I’m too lazy to shorten my list of things to do. Some say, I have way too many things that I want to do in my life that’s not humaly possible… but if I don’t do it this lifetime… when do I? We’ll never know if I can do all that I want to… but hey, I have to try right? 🙂

For this year, the following are my birthday vows. I hope to achieve them this year so that I can shorten my life’s to-do list.


1.) Run at least once a week

2.) Take walks after dinner with the hubby everyday

3.) Be in bed before 1AM; wake up by 8AM; wake up by 9AM for weekends


1.)  Read one magazine per week

2.) Finish a book per month

3.) Learn to read and write Business Mandarin

4.) Learn about SEO for blogging 🙂


1.) Commercial surf every Sunday

2.) Write more often to practice copy writing skills

3.) Read marketing and fiction literary works


1.) Jump start my business agian this year (must get my head out off maternity leave mode)

2.) Look into the following businesses for next year (Project Woodstock, Project Squeaky, Project Twilight, Project Eat)

3.)  Store check at least once a month

4.) Surf about what’s hot around the globe every quarter


1.) Be a good daughter – be more patient and visit mom at least once a month

2.) Be a good wifey – fight less, be more understanding, spice up love live 😉

3.) Be a good mommy – focus on helping Baby Bear with her developmental milestones

4.) Print ’em pictures!

5.) Cook something at least once a month

6.) Take at least one local trip and one trip abroad every year (stop living vicariously through others)


1.) Pray every night before going to bed

2.) Go to mass every Sunday


1.) Take a more active attitude towards physical look

2.) Brush hair everyday 😛

3.) Throw out clothes that belonged to me when I was still a teenager

4.) Buy at least once clothing article or accessory every month

5.) Start applying lip gloss with color 😛

6.) Apply moisturizer and eye protect every night

If you’ll notice there are a lot of things to do under beauty… this isn’t because I am vain but because this is the area where I don’t pay that much attention to. Maybe next time, I can graduate to wearing light make-up. All part of the grand plan of becoming a zillionnaire with attitude… and beauty to boot! Yebaa! 🙂

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Signing off…

The Birthday Girl 🙂

MIA StartUp Babies

So, I’ve been MIA from blogging this week because of a couple of problems:

1.) Baby Bear got colds and a mild cough — probably from teething? or from a potential dust allergy because we just got a brand new car seat that probably wasn’t cleaned well 😦 This was a bit of a stressful incident for me because it was the first time she was sick so I didn’t now how to handle things. I had to call and ask my mommy friends for advice. A special shout out to My Yummy Mummy for being my lifeline.

2.) I didn’t have a helper around the house so it was just me and the nanny.

3.) I had so many pending stuff from my business/es. I was drowning with paper work backlog.

4.) The so-few free time that I had, I spent reading stuff online about car seats and how to get the baby from liking the car seat. It is simply so hard to just let the baby cry-it-out. My ancestors would be so disappointed in me… I need to channel my inner Tiger Mom 🙂

5.) I was also busy planning Baby Bears’ 1st birthday party. In Manila, a birthday party here is like… planning a wedding? an engagement? It’s like a product launch! When did kiddie parties stopped being so simple, anyway? 🙂 This totally deserves another blog post.

6.) Lastly, we are going on a trip after Baby Bears’ 1st birthday. A plane trip, mind you! So, I am being a panicky and OC mom and coming up with lists of what to bring, what to do, and busy reading up on how to keep the baby QUIET in the plane!!!

I want to apologize in advance though as I will probably not blog much again this week because my nanny will be taking a 4 day vacation leave to attend the graduations of her two daughters. (Hooray and congrats to them!) 🙂 4 days may not seem like a lot… but to me, it is… only because I have a lot of things on my plate… the nanny VL timing just wasn’t right.

On a brighter note, who am I to complain about getting to spend all this time with my baby girl. 🙂 My Baby Bear is almost a year old… at least I get the chance to make a few more “before 1” memories with her. Time flies… Must.Not.Blink!!! 🙂

Leap Year Day

They say that you are supposed to do something commemorable on Leap Year Day… something that you normally wouldn’t do. So, what did I do yesterday… I played hooky!!! 😀

My husband surprised me by telling me that we were having a spontaneous day since it’s leap year day.  We both skipped work, grabbed lunch at this fairly new restaurant called Yabu House of Katsu over at SM Mega Mall the Atrium.  The lines there are usually really long but we were fortunate enough to be seated at once even with no reservations. While waiting for your order to come, they will give you a small bowl of sesame seeds and you are supposed to gently crush them before pouring in the sauce. A whiff of the crushed seeds is enough to whet your appetite and by then, I was already super hungry! 🙂

sesame seeds
pouring tonkatsu sauce...

They promptly served the food and their bottomless cabbage salad was so yummy! Their vinaigrette and sesame dressing even came in OXO bottles… very classy!

sesame dressing

We had the seafood katsu set and the rosu katsu curry set. I must say, the hotness of the curry was just right. The hubby usually dislikes curry but he gave his seal of approval for this meal. We will definitely be back to try the other dishes.

seafood katsu set
rosu katsu curry

After lunch, we bought a few things that we needed to buy since we were at the mall already. We just actually needed an air pump for the floaters and beach ball that we bought for our upcoming vacation to El Nido, Palawan. It’s our Baby Bears’ first time to go to the beach so we wanted to be prepared. We got an Intex electronic air pump that can inflate and deflate. It’s a bit bulkier than the manual pump but it is perfect for the lazy momma in me, plus it’s time-saving! 😉

Next, we got sucked into buying these large dragon bubble wands that we saw some kids at the park going gaga over.  Anything to make our baby smile is a must-buy! Besides, it’s only PhP100 or approximately $2 — cheap thrills in life! I also got sucked into buying the classic beach toys… it’s the usual shovel, digger, sifter, scooper that will surely give your baby the tools for a fun time in the sand!

all set to look for treasure!

And suddenly, there it was! I spied the chopping play set that I’ve been looking for ever since I heard about it from a friend and I was so glad that I found it there. The fruit set looks the most realistic vs. the other sets that were on display. They are stuck together by a velcro so when the knife passes through, they separate easily! Definitely a good addition to her growing kitchen collection. Hmm… maybe I see a future chef-in-the-making? 😉

mise en place

After all that loot, we had to go home and play with Baby Bear to check out her reaction to the new toys. She loved ’em all! It has been day 2 and she has still been busy tearing apart and putting back the fruits together. It’s also such a great way of teaching her the names of the fruits… a touchy-feely lesson sans the mess! 🙂 She has yet to master the art of shoveling but after our beach outing, I’m sure she will be quite the expert!

We capped off the day by having a quick dinner and catching the movie, THIS MEANS WAR. After Baby Bear was born, it had been awhile since we last saw a flick together and I must say, this was definitely a good comeback movie for us 🙂 We would have been laughing our socks off had we been wearing socks! 😉

It was all in all, a very good day. True, we felt guilty for playing hooky and we have to more than make up for it the following day by burying our heads in work… but if we had to do the day all over again, we would! While others were super busy making the most out of yesterday by finishing work, closing deals and dealing with irate clients or suppliers… we had a simple day… but it was commemorable because it was memorable for us as a family. May Leap Year Day come more often! 🙂

All You Need Is Love… and Respect!

Happy Hearts’ Day Everyone! 🙂 This time of love brings me back to my honeymoon days. The first few years of newly wedded bliss makes your head feel light and takes your heart up above in cloud nine.  They went by with a blur with so many magical first moments with your husband. The first time he introduced you as his wife… the first time someone called you Mr. and Mrs…. (yes, I have even have the first wedding invite I got that said so too!) … the first time that you sat in the middle of your new place… curling up with your husband and de-stressing the hectic work day by watching movies together… playing hooky… sleeping in together… breakfast in bed…  these are just be a few of the many magical moments that will happen during the first years of marriage.

But sometimes, the first few years also seemed sooooo long… living together is so exciting but there are also a lot of challenges, adjustments and “giving in”.

Some of the adventures and challenges we faced:

1.)     The Kitchen is the most challenging room in the apartment.  Culinary skills – zero!  It’s so hard to distinguish frozen beef from frozen pork, allocating space for all kitchen appliances and trying to find out just how many cooking utensils you actually need.

2.)     the Bedroom (?) – NOT! 🙂

3.)    When the in-laws come to visit and when your parents come to visit — there is always that need for the house to look well-kept and to impress.

4.)    Household Help! Need I say more… this deserves a whole new other blog post.  =P

5.)    Juggling work with your married life and your social life.  Gone are the days when you can say YES to any social event.  Now you need to check in with your husband to make sure that he’ll be okay being home alone while you’re out on the social scene with your gal pals.

6.)    Still staying as beautiful and fun as you were when you were single.  Ask any newly wed man what he fears the most about getting married and top box answer would always be “my wife will let herself go…”!  A good friend of mine once told me… don’t forget to fix yourself up even around your husband.  It’s not just because we have to please our better halves… but we feel better, look better and are happier when we take care of ourselves.

How to deal with the challenges that would come your marriage way is not about who gives in or what adjustments need to be made.  It’s just a simple paradigm shift of how you make things work and how to go about everyday life with another person. Below are some thoughts from other couples that might be a good guide to ease through the birthing pains.

1.)    Whatever habits existed before the marriage will still be there afterwards.  Don’t expect too much change.  If he was a slob the night before marriage, he will be that same slob the next morning.

2.)    Thou shalt not project yourself onto your partner and get mad if he doesn’t do it your way… be it cleaning up, cooking, washing the dishes, paying bills, etc.  Work it out and just try to settle on who likes or doesn’t mind doing what.

3.)    You will be exposed to habits that will annoy the hell out of you. You can nag about everything, but that will just be a total drag – for you and for him!  If your husband, no matter how many times you ask him, never seems able to put a new toilet paper roll in the bathroom, then it might better for your sanity to just know that you’ll be the designated toilet paper replacer in the family.

4.)    It’s not really about compatibility but rather, being respectful to your partner.

5.)    Yes, you are a couple now, but you still need to nurture your individuality.  It’s OK and encouraged to have separate interests of your own.  Discover a passion that is hidden in the depths of your soul.  And if that’s too deep for you, grab a purse, your girlfriend and go shopping.  Hello, Retail Therapy!!! See a movie, get a massage, read a book and catch up on some sleep.  Do something (except bitch at him), that will make you happy too!

These are but just some of the adventures and misadventures. So often it’s the drama that stands out in our minds, when it should be those special irreplaceable times… those magical moments  that make a marriage. It’s the journey of making yours and mine into ours.  Live, love and laugh… laugh together!!! 😀 It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane things, just enjoy each other.  Today, take the time to go back to that happy place and do something now that you enjoy with your husband and have a good laugh. Happy Valentines’ Day y’all! 🙂 XoXo!

My First Alterego: StartUp Wife

What comes after “I do”??? After that amazing walk to remember, it’s a walk down the clouds to usher in a life that’s fab but also full of challenges.

I got engaged years ago… and started life as a newly wed wife. As a former glowing bride, I found my wedding day to be the happiest day of my life. I was happy to have found the man I wanted to start a new life with… and the man I wanted to grow old and gray with. Like all brides-to-be, I must’ve read every bridal magazine I could get my hands on to help me execute my dream wedding.  (And I’ve got expensive photos to prove it… ;)) The problem was how little information there was on what to do after your husband carries you over the threshold of the door to your new place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting to be married and I was looking forward to what comes next, but it’s also a bit terrifying to take on a new role and take your relationship to the next level.

There will be some stories shared about wifely duties, mommy responsibilities, anecdotes about transitioning into the different roles and other what-nots. After all, there will come a time that the honeymoon stage will be over and the real “work” is needed. Yup, you read me right, work! Ask any old married couple and they will tell you that they got to where they are through hard work.  Having a household that runs like clockwork entails the utmost attention to detail and effort.

The “newlywed year” (married less than 5 years) is an important foundation to a happy relationship. It’s a year to settle down, adjust to life as a couple, get used to each other’s weird OC habits and try to figure out where things go in which cabinet. Basically it’s just simply how to go about your daily habits without killing each other. It’s a constant struggle to juggle your duties as a wife, as a homemaker, and now, as a mom to a 9 month old baby. Add to that the adjustments to be made as a dutiful daughter-in-law while yet remaining to be a good daughter to your own mom. As if learning to share a bathroom isn’t enough! 😉

The posts in this blog are all first-hand experiences in being a newly wed wife AND a new mom. Hope you guys will enjoy the stories.  Feel free to leave your comments, share your thoughts and heck, free advice is always welcome.  🙂

Welcome to the married life and here’s to a marriage filled with live, love and happily-ever-after.  🙂