Summer Birthday Celebrant

The hubby and I are summer birthday celebrants and so is Baby Bear. The advantage of having a summer birthday is being able to exchange a party for an awesome trip. Since Baby Bear is still small and has clamored for a school birthday celebration, I decided to check with the school if this was okay. I didn’t feel right about celebrating a summer birthday way, way, way in advance since this might have some “spoiling” implications. Apparently, this was the norm for smaller kids! Teacher advised me to go ahead with the early celebration because as a kid, it really means a lot when their friends celebrate their birthday with them.

future party planner
future party planner

Baby Bear goes to a Montessori school. The rules there are very simple – birthdays aren’t as bonggacious as how other schools do it. No decor, no frills and fuss, just show up for your kids’ birthday celebration, bring HOME MADE food for the class (no commercial food or take-outs allowed), and loot bags are optional.

Baby Bear chose a princess-themed party since she was on a Disney princess craze. We had our favorite baker –  @regaustria make her simple princess cake and cupcakes for the classmates to bring home.

by @regaustria
by @regaustria
by @regaustria
by @regaustria

When we arrived in school, they started the birthday ritual promptly. Going through this beautiful birthday ritual made me understand why my introverted Baby Bear who absolutely hates parties was clamoring for one. The celebration was so heartwarming. It started out with the kids welcoming the parents. The three of us were placed in the hot seat and teacher asked me and the hubby to say something about how Baby Bear was as a baby. I told the class how Baby Bear used to be so quiet and cried a lot as a toddler, but ever since she joined this class, she has become such a happy and NOISY baby. I told the class she was having fun with her friends and can’t wait to go to school everyday just to see all of them.

Then, we moved on to the cake. All the kids had to fall in line first, greet the celebrant personally a Happy Birthday, give their gifts (if they have any), shake the hand of the celebrant and move on to the cake table.

birthday gifts and greetings
birthday gifts and greetings
shake a friend's hand
shake a friends’ hand
a hug from one of her favorite big sister in class
a hug from one of her favorite big sister in class

They all sang happy birthday to Baby Bear… and it was the first time Baby Bear wanted to blow out the candles! She has always shied away from candle-blowing since she gets conscious when all eyes zoom in on her. She really does love her school and is more at home with them, happily blowing out the candle and being such a good hostess. After that, we had a few class pictures and moved on to snack time.

happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to you…

one of the boys
one of the boys
what a sweet big brother
what a sweet big brother

Again, they fell in line, went to the tables and they all closed their eyes and said a prayer before the meal.

falling in line
falling in line

saying grace
saying grace

It was so nice being a part of this simple heartwarming celebration. It brings me back to the memories of childhood where we celebrated our birthdays with much anticipation. Unlike now, wherein we dread the coming of old age every birthday year. It’s also nice to see the values education that the school espouses in action. From greeting the birthday celebrant personally, all the way to saying a prayer before every meal. Mental note: I should do this at home also. I was so humbled by the kindness and grace of the children. So when Baby Bear came home from school with all her gifts from her friends, I made her write a thank you note for all the gifts she received. It was also good practice for her as by the nth card, she was already spelling all the thank you notes by herself without copying from my thank you post-it template for her to follow.

Moments like these makes us wish we were kids again and moments like these makes parenthood so emotionally fulfilling – seeing your kids happy and getting a glimpse of how they will be in the future. To my darling Baby Bear, I’m excited to celebrate your real birthday this summer. Thank you for teaching me to look forward to each birthday year as a celebration of living in-the-moment filled with happiness and a wonderful prospect of how turning a year older should be a joyous anticipation of what life has to bring. From now on, I do look forward to growing older, growing wiser and making more memories with my family. Happy Summer Birthday to all of us! 🙂

our little princess, we love you so much!
our little princess, we love you so much!

Baby Bear 1st Birthday Celebration – Ni Hao Kai Lan

Birthday Sentiments

It is the day after my birthday. I’m about to approach the __th marker. I don’t feel old but at the same time I do. There are a lot of things that I want to do with my life and I am rarin’ to get a go at it… but this lifetimes seems too short to finish and do everything that I want to.

Looking back, I don’t know if I’ve achieved a lot already during the first quarter of my life. I sometimes feel as if I’m too lazy to shorten my list of things to do. Some say, I have way too many things that I want to do in my life that’s not humaly possible… but if I don’t do it this lifetime… when do I? We’ll never know if I can do all that I want to… but hey, I have to try right? 🙂

For this year, the following are my birthday vows. I hope to achieve them this year so that I can shorten my life’s to-do list.


1.) Run at least once a week

2.) Take walks after dinner with the hubby everyday

3.) Be in bed before 1AM; wake up by 8AM; wake up by 9AM for weekends


1.)  Read one magazine per week

2.) Finish a book per month

3.) Learn to read and write Business Mandarin

4.) Learn about SEO for blogging 🙂


1.) Commercial surf every Sunday

2.) Write more often to practice copy writing skills

3.) Read marketing and fiction literary works


1.) Jump start my business agian this year (must get my head out off maternity leave mode)

2.) Look into the following businesses for next year (Project Woodstock, Project Squeaky, Project Twilight, Project Eat)

3.)  Store check at least once a month

4.) Surf about what’s hot around the globe every quarter


1.) Be a good daughter – be more patient and visit mom at least once a month

2.) Be a good wifey – fight less, be more understanding, spice up love live 😉

3.) Be a good mommy – focus on helping Baby Bear with her developmental milestones

4.) Print ’em pictures!

5.) Cook something at least once a month

6.) Take at least one local trip and one trip abroad every year (stop living vicariously through others)


1.) Pray every night before going to bed

2.) Go to mass every Sunday


1.) Take a more active attitude towards physical look

2.) Brush hair everyday 😛

3.) Throw out clothes that belonged to me when I was still a teenager

4.) Buy at least once clothing article or accessory every month

5.) Start applying lip gloss with color 😛

6.) Apply moisturizer and eye protect every night

If you’ll notice there are a lot of things to do under beauty… this isn’t because I am vain but because this is the area where I don’t pay that much attention to. Maybe next time, I can graduate to wearing light make-up. All part of the grand plan of becoming a zillionnaire with attitude… and beauty to boot! Yebaa! 🙂

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Signing off…

The Birthday Girl 🙂