The Book Depository Summer Solstice Promo Starts Now!

My favorite “bookstore” The Book Depository, is running a promo again. 🙂 I really love this company. They really make fostering love of reading books so easy!

I’ve been wanting to read “normal” books again (normal meaning books that aren’t books about babies/kids and business) but due to lack of time and since all my budget now goes to Baby Bear, I have been putting this off. And yes, I’ve been a bit lazy because I preferred to watch my TV shows. Since the TV shows are on a hiatus now and The Book Depository has a promo running too… not much excuse, right? 😉

Here are some of the discounted books that I have been eyeing:

1.) Fifty Shades Trilogy Boxed Set Bundle – 24% off!

Fifty Shades Trilogy Boxed Set Bundle

2.) A Clash of Kings: Book 2 of a Song of Ice and Fire – 33% off!

A Clash of Kings: Book 2 of a Song of Ice and Fire

Yes, I said I would buy books for my own personal reading… but who can resist buying books for their own kids?

3.) Where is the Green Sheep (board book) – 47% off!

Where Is the Green Sheep?

4.) Each Peach Pear Plum (board book) – 35% off!

Each Peach Pear Plum

And… the icing on top of the cake – they have a Summer Solstice Special today. Just enter the code 24SOL when you check out your shopping basket and get a 10% off! What a sweet deal right?  I think this runs for only 24 hours… so you better start book shopping now. Let’s all click, click away!!! Happy Shopping! 🙂

If you want to check out My Baby Bear’s Reading List, just click here, and yes I bought them all at The Book Depository.

*All images stolen from The Book Depository 🙂

Day 6 Hands on Play Challenge: Family Time

What a timely play challenge since it’s also a national holiday today (Happy Independence Day) now here in Manila. The challenge is to simply spend some family together time doing whatever you want to do… TOGETHER! Together is the main objective of the challenge. Sometimes we spend time as a family in one room but you see each person doing a different thing. One is watching TV, one is surfing with the iPad and the other one is blogging or twittering. This really doesn’t count as bonding if you think about it.

The activity that we chose to do was to read books. I got a bunch of books for Baby Bear during the last sale at The Book Depository which I blogged about here.

Image representing The Book Depository as depi...

It was delivered last week and we wanted to open them already. We opened them one by one and let her choose a book. She still really likes the Baby Touch series and I’m happy that even though it’s a new book, she is already able to point out words that she learned before like flower, bird, star, and owl, among others. Here is a list of the other books that she currently reads.

Reading books is always a nice bonding activity. It is a learning experience and an avenue to help your baby foster confidence in herself. It teaches a lot and opens up a whole new world for them. Reading is something that can never be replaced with technology. There is a nice experience and memory evoked with every turn of the page, the smell of an old book and the love that you feel when your parents read to you. No technology can ever do that! Agree? 🙂

The Book Depository Sale

Hurry guys, there is an extra 10% OFF on everything on top of already discounted prices at The Book Depository now.

Reasons why I love buying books via The Book Depository:

1.) No minimum spend.

2.) Free shipping to the Philippines!!!

3.) Really, really amazing prices!

4.) Vast assortment of great books.

5.) They have a lot of promos like the current 10% OFF discount that they are running now.

6.) Quality childrens’ books like the ones I buy for my Baby Bear. I blogged about the books I bought for her before here.

I have purchased a lot of times already with The Book Depository and they always deliver my orders within a month or two. The books arrive in pristine condition. No tears or creases and always packaged properly. Who says books are a dying breed? 🙂

Enjoy shopping fellow bookworms! 🙂

For more information, here’s a link to their site and facebook.!/BookDepository