Raising A Bookworm Part 2

My goal of Raising A Bookworm is moving along as Baby Bear can now graduate from watching the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD already. She knows the sounds of all the letters except for ‘G’ and ‘J’. She interchanges them, so we are focusing on these 2. She also memorizes the movie already and it’s quite evident whenever she does the actions just milliseconds before it occurs in the movie. I am still amazed at how sharp her memory is. Hopefully she doesn’t inherit my poor memory. Anyhoo, all this signals to me is that it’s time to graduate Baby Bear and move on to the next lesson.

The next step is to encourage them to read words by blending the sounds. Again, Leap Frog to the rescue! The next movie in the series introduces words in a story form and more importantly, via song! The best way to get our kids’ attention! 🙂 The Leap Frog Talking Words Factory focuses on how words are built. The Professor uses the help of the Word Builder Machine in forming words. Baby Bear learned about the concept of rhyming words here. (CAT, HAT, BAT) 🙂

It also introduces the concept of Vowels and how they are the glue that forms words. Below is the clip on Vowels: The Sticky Letters

Again, I supplement the movie with toys or books in order to help her see how it also applies to other aspects. I try to prepare her toys that are featured. (i.e. toy CAT, her white HAT, and BAT decor I used during Halloween) 🙂

I also support the lesson with books. As I stated in my Raising A Bookworm post, always try to find the best book that will be able to teach the most efficiently. Clean drawings and singular thoughts per page as much as possible like the ones below.

cat - hat
cat – hat
Hat on Cat
Hat on Cat

Of course, the best way to learn is still via real life application. Sometimes after our teaching sessions, we get her hat and go down to the lobby and count the stray cats hahaha. 😀

Seriously though, I can’t wait for the day that Baby Bear can actually read. I bet it would be so exciting. When that day comes, I might just cry tears of joy! 🙂

Do join me in this journey of mine with Baby Bear. Bookworms Unite! 🙂