A Smart C+ A Day…

Last week, I blogged about my Baby Bear being down with colds and coughs here. For people who know me, I am super paranoid with sickness and I am addicted to drugs (OTC drugs that help with sickness… and not the kind that you might think) ;)! At the slightest sign of any sickness, even minor aches or pains, I am already popping a pill for instant relief… emphasis on the INSTANT! 🙂 Also, I developed allergic rhinitis after graduating from college and it was so bad that there was even an instance wherein my voice box shut down for a week. Horrors I do not wish to relive… the attack of the allergies was that bad! 😦

Lately, I have found a cure to my pill-popping addiction. Whenever someone in the family is sick or when I feel like I am about to get sick, I quickly load up on this drink. Btw, this is not a paid post or a product placement… I even doubt that the company even knows that I exist! LOL! 😀 I just wanted to share this with you because it has done a lot for me. I don’t know if it’s just plain coincidence or maybe even psychological, but whenever I drink this, it thwarts off any sickness and my allergies really do go away! 🙂 Without further ado, here is my magic potion and how it helps me…

vitamin C overload! (pic stolen from smart C+ site)

It comes in three delightful flavors – Pomelo, Lemon and Orange. My personal favorite is the Pomelo variant. This is a part of my grocery list already. Keeps my allergies at bay and as an added bonus — Baby Bear loves to play with the pink bottle — me thinks that might be her favorite color 😉

As parents, we do what we can to be healthy… if not for us, but for our kids! Hard enough to keep our kids from getting sick… even harder to be sick while they are too… or worse, being the source of why they are not feeling well! (Shudder!)

A Smart C+ a day… this is my ounce of prevention… what is yours? 🙂

*For more info about Smart C+ visit their page at http://www.keepupwithsmartc.com/ or their facebook profile at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Smart-C/168470286504349