Snoopy at F&X!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a crazed fan of SNOOPY! 🙂 Snoopy is love, love, love! My friends and cousins grew up loving Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, (oops… I am revealing my age!), and Kerokerokeroppi, among others. I was the only one I knew then who was a huge fan of this beagle dog. It was frustrating to me that it was so hard to buy Snoopy merchandise. Hello Kitty fans had it easy with a slew of items to choose from: toys, clothes, stationary and other knickknacks.

Much to my delight and surprise, I saw that one of my favorite retailers, F&X, had Snoopy items!!!

what i got for moi
what i got for moi
snoopy for baby bear
snoopy for baby bear
snoopy for papa bear
snoopy for papa bear
snoopy for boys
snoopy for boys
snoopy for girls
snoopy for girls
snoopy for tweens
snoopy for tweens – so chic!
snoopy for teens
snoopy for teens
snoopy accessories
snoopy accessories

The colors are warm and bright, just in time for the summer! The best part is, the clothes are all so soft, comfy and stylish.

It’s unique in me that I love Snoopy. I don’t know how many other Snoopy fans are out there, but if there are… this one’s for you! 🙂 Thank you F&X for carrying a Snoopy line. You have no idea how happy you have made me. 🙂

Hop on to the nearest F&X branch and get your own Snoopy shirt.

F&X Philippines Facebook

Branches: Greenbelt 5, Fort Bonifacio, Robinson’s Manila, Trinoma, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa-Annex, SM Cebu, SM Clark, SM Masinag, SM Southmall

Snoopy fans unite! 🙂

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Me in a Hundred Nutshells Part 1

Again, this post was from my first blog 4 years ago, over at my personal multiply account, which is being deleted, as I write 🙂

The title is ME IN A HUNDRED NUTSHELLS but obviously, I can’t write the full list here since I wish to remain anonymous… so it’ll be close to a hundred, I think. Will also blog this in 3 parts so that it won’t be so full of me in 1 sitting. 😛 I might risk alienating you all after this, hahaha 🙂 Hope this gives you a bit of a glimpse as to who I was, who I am now and who I want to be.

1.) I was born on the 3rd of ___, 5:50 P.M. Incidentally, my fiancee was also born on the same day but at 12:02 A.M.

2.) I am currently 102 lbs. I’m underweight for my height but I need to go on a diet because of high cholesterol (blame it on heredity).

3.) I love the color blue in general… but love wearing pink, red, and white.

4.) I wear earrings everyday because the holes in my ear close if I don’t.

5.) Yes, yes my eyes are sooper small but it doesn’t mean I view life in “laser vision” mode…

6.) …neither do I see people or things in half when my eyes smile!!!

7.) I can be gregarious and the life of the party WHEN I WANT TO BE.

8.) I always go for the underdog, unless the underdog has the majority following, then I go for the minority. Just to keep things balanced in my own little way. Teeheehee! 😀

9.) My favorite movies of all time are: Cinema Paradiso, Meet Joe Black, Stranger than Fiction, Roman Holiday and Thank You For Smoking.

10.) I loooooove Chilli’s Mash Potato, Gambas, Wagyu, Shawarma and Siomai in XO Sauce. — I still do! 🙂

11.) I hate liars and cheaters, plastic and social climbing people

12.) I most especially hate people who backstab. I say, fight your battles face-to-face.

13.) I used to be very attracted to “bad boy” types.

14.) My dream car is an AUDI – simple but classy.

15.) I spent my grade school and high school days in an all-girls private school.

17.) I used to watch WWF with my brothers when I was in the 6th grade and looooved Brutus the Barber Beefcake!

18.) Always Coca-Cola. Addicted to it. Don’t like drinking Coke Light or Pepsi… it’s just not the real thing!

19.) I read a lot of books but always go back to my comics: Snoopy, Calvin and Hobbes and the good ol’ Riverdale gang (Archie).

20.) I get good ideas while taking a shower or while I’m swimming.

21.) Good Times: Royal Carribean Cruise ’93, Beijing ’02, El Nido ’04, and New York ’08. A recent trip that I just have to add to this list – El Nido 2012 (Baby Bear’s first trip) — I blogged about the preps for that trip here. 🙂

22.) Can’t live without my ipod! I love a little bit of every type of music. There’s very little music that I cannot appreciate.

23.) I still can’t believe that there are some people who don’t know who the Beatles are. They are what all good songs are made of.

25.) I love taking pictures more than “being in” the pictures.

26.) If I didn’t have to worry about money, I would travel, take pictures, and write a novel, in that order.

27.) I love puppies and polar bears.

28.) Just this year, I have learned to love broccoli and can’t wait to make broccoli soup.

29.) I love to sing, have a knack for immediately memorizing lyrics of songs that I like, and once thought I could sing in a band for a living — just wish that I had the voice to go with the singing! 😀

30.) When I was young, we’d go to HK for a family vacation at least once a year… and my most memorable year was my dad bringing me to Whimsy Land and winning a stuffed doll for me. I still have it to this day. (Update 1: It got washed away during Ondoy 😦 Update 2: The Bear Family tries to go to Hong Kong at least once a year, too!) 🙂

31.) I love the leg part of the chicken, so does the hubby. But he always gives it to me instead. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true! 🙂

32.) I’m allergic to lipstick. My lips crack when I apply them. Haven’t found the perfect hypoallergenic lipstick yet. So, for now, it’s lipgloss with color for me.

33.) I was part of the table tennis varsity team and we won first place.

34.) I was also a member of the swimming varsity team but for 2 days only… my mom made me quit because I kept falling asleep in class the day after swim practice.

35.) When i was young, my mom thought I would become an artist… turns out I don’t have the gift.

35.)  I wish i could see the 7 Wonders of the World.

36.) I feel that one of life’s greatest achievement would be to “be someone’s mentor”.

To be continued… if you still want me to… 😛

Snoopy is Love

My last post was all about Baby Bear’s 1st Birthday Ni Hao Kai Lan Party.  Aside from Kai Lan being my Baby Bear’s fave character… she also loves… SNOOPY! Yes, yes, Mama Bear had something to do with this… a bit :P. But, promise though, I made her choose between Hello Kitty and Snoopy when she was just 3 months old and she really did choose Snoopy! Definitely a dog-lover like her mama 🙂

To those who are a bit confused with the Snoopy characters, here’s a “simple” diagram that illustrates the love-hate relationships among the characters:

Peanuts Gang
Peanuts Gang

How I wish I could post pics of Baby Bear with her Snoopy toys. In the spirit of anonymity though, this is the only pic that I can post:

i love snoopy... and dogs!
baby bear loves this snoopy shepherd figurine. she used to fall asleep with snoopy in her hands… aww… 🙂

How about you? Who does your family love?

No Hello Kitty answers allowed please… just kidding! 😉


Beagle Hugs to all of you from the Bear family 🙂