Monasterio de Sta. Clara

I went to Monasterio de Sta. Clara or St. Clare’s church the other day. I try to go there every other month to give thanks for the blessings I have received, to ask for personal favors and to pray in general. This beautiful church is situated in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s nice to find a quiet place amidst the noisy Katipunan area.

Church of St. Clare
Church of St. Clare

Monasterio de Sta. Clara is known to people as the church to go to when you need to ask for good weather during auspicious dates. People offer a dozen eggs to St. Clare. Clare means clear so praying to her has been synonymous to asking for clear skies and weather. Eggs are also associated with fertility so a lot of people also go there to ask for a baby. Before the entrance to the church, you will see vendors under the bridge who sell eggs wrapped in different cellophane colors. They have attached a meaning per color such as health, weather, etc. but if you interview the church staff they will tell you that there is really no meaning attached per egg color. Just ask what is in your heart and believe that it will be granted in God’s time.

It’s the wishing fountain. You will see here lots of people trying to toss coins into the top most tier hoping that their wish will be granted.




After the coin-tossing-fountain-wishing ritual, people move on to this area where they pray to St. Clare for intercession. People offer sampaguitas here which you can also buy from the egg vendors outside. There is an area inside where you will see many people writing letters to St. Clare praying for blessings. I have done this process a lot of times and I find it actually quite therapeutic to write about your feelings and the desires of your heart. Writing things down also gives you perspective to the things you need and want in life. After writing the letters, you can give it inside together with your donation.

Ask and you shall receive! I have experienced the power of St. Clare so many times already. I had a lot of answered prayers and have witnessed receiving things that I have written in my letter. Being the sigurista that I am, I even ask for signs to prove that what I am wishing for is truly being given to me by God. The signs can be as simple as seeing a violet flower that means it’s a YES or as obvious as being given or granted whatever it is that I requested.

I have also had my share of unanswered prayers. Sometimes I do feel bad about it but I just have to remember to be patient and wait for God to reveal his reasons later on for not answering my prayers at that time. We just have to put our trust in the Lord that He has a specific plan for us and He will always be there for us.

I love that there is a church in the middle of a busy highway. It is a venue for us to take a pause in our busy lives to stop and reflect – to thank God for all the blessings we have received. It is also a symbol of hope when we are feeling down with life’s troubles and it is a great reminder of the Almighty God, our purpose in life and our passion for living the faith.