Cooking with Kids

No school today means #UnpluggedPlay for our household. We usually do arts and crafts but I really wanted my kids to know how to cook. We started off with something easy, like a fruit smoothie. #BrightBear got her cooking for kids book from . We normally freeze bananas and other fruits to prolong the life and for emergency cooking sessions like this one 👍🏻



1 ripe or frozen banana 🍌

700g of strawberries 🍓

1 tbsp honey 🍯

3/4 cup milk 🥛

1/2 cup yogurt


1.) Chop banana and strawberries into smaller pieces for faster processing

2.) Put in chopped fruits inside the blender along with the other ingredients

3.) Blend until you hit the smoothie consistency that you like 😊 and…. done! 😊👍🏻 Easiest way to trick your kids into drinking something healthy – have them make it and make it into a juice 👌🏻

Easy peasy! #BrightKids #BrightCooks #BrightKitchen #BrightBear #BrightGummy